[ppml] Policy Proposal 2002-3: Micro-Assignments forMultihomedNetworks

James T. Moore jamoore2 at vt.edu
Sun Aug 24 00:18:01 EDT 2003

> What you CAN do is remove the need for folks to "hijack" space, use
> out-of-region registrars, and so on.
IMO, I do not think the actions of a few ignorant or rogue organizations
should be
factored into ARIN's decision to adjust the direct assignment size. I don't
think that
ignorance of the proper procedures for requesting space or in the case where
organization "buys" a hijacked IP block is a reasonable excuse. Most likely
ignorant orgnazation already has an ISP who is aware of the proper
and who can assign them address space and inform the customers of the policy
the customer asks.A rogue organiazation will eventually need to contact an
ISP to
setup a BGP session to advertise their stolen address space and the ISP
know better and should block the advertisement and explain the situation and
policies to the customer.

With these thoughts in mind, I would like to see a policy describing an
plan to control organizations which advertise routes to hijacked networks.

Our company is multihomed on a /24 with address space from one of our
providers with
no complaints. I found the process of requesting an ASN from ARIN easy and

Just my 2 cents,

J.T. Moore

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