[ppml] Policy Proposal 2002-3: Micro-Assignments forMultihome d Networks

Bill Darte billd at cait.wustl.edu
Fri Aug 22 15:45:07 EDT 2003

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> I think the AC is in general for smaller allocations, please don't
> interpret my frustration as a belief otherwise.  However I fully
> understand the AC needs to find community support before acting,
> and my impression is that is the problem with this issue.  Further,
> it's not that the community is vocally against it, but rather that
> very few people will stand up and be for it.
> > Well you got pretty near contructive criticism here.... do 
> you have a
> > timeframe to suggest 
> > that you think is meaningful or reasonable for judgement?
> I think it would be at least two years before we know the impact
> of such a proposal.  That gives enough time for people to be aware
> it's available, incorporate that into their own plans, implment cut
> overs, and return old space they are no longer using.

So, you would argue that we should look for negative impact throughout a two
year period
in order to ensure that the policy was viable before migrating the boundary
to /23?  Could we
improve the time to 'understanding and adoption' by some vehicle you could

Bill Darte
ARIN Advisory Council 

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