[ppml] Policy Proposal 2003-11: Purpose and Scope of WHOIS Di rectory

Charles Scott cscott at gaslightmedia.com
Fri Aug 22 15:00:03 EDT 2003

  I appreciate your point, but I believe it is accommodated in the 
proposal. The option is still there to include however much detail is 
desired, only with this you'll have some chance that there will be an 
answer when you call or mail the listed contacts. Forcing all detail 
when doing so is likely to force marginally reliable data (the current 
situation) seems counterproductive. 


On Fri, 22 Aug 2003, Azinger, Marla wrote:

> 2.  Well, I guess I dont find the majority of the data I send in useless.
> Plus, the manor of less data that you are referring to is already included
> in the database...so wouldnt it just be best to leave it up to the judment
> of the person looking to get ahold of a POC to decide for themselves whether
> they want to contact the ARIN Directly Allocated USER or the Re-allocated
> user?  Does taking away choices really resolve the end goal to have valid
> POC's?  I dont think it does...it just minimizes the options people
> have....and in alot of cases (especially with my company) will slow down the
> response they get on issues if they dont have the ability to go straight to
> the "actual user".
> Marla

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