[ppml] HD Ratio Applied to IPv4

sigma at smx.pair.com sigma at smx.pair.com
Wed Aug 13 21:22:51 EDT 2003


It boils down to the fact that at each level of reassignment, there is
waste and an inability to ensure the 80% utilization at each such level.
That RFC is good reading, IMHO.


> For background on the HD ratio, including the justification of this approach
> in preference to percentage-based utilisation measures, please see RFC3194.
> Paul Wilson
> > Behalf Of Charles Scott
> > 
> > Kevin:
> >   I'm sorry, I'm just not getting this. It would seem that 
> > any particular level of assignment needs to stand on it's 
> > own. Why then would more levels of assignment below a 
> > particular level make that one level more challenging to manage.
> >   Also, the larger the assignment, the larger 20% of the 
> > assignment becomes, so it would seem to be easier to manage 
> > larger size blocks unless the size of the sub-assignments for 
> > some reason become proportionately 
> > lager relative to the size of the total block as one manages 
> > larger and 
> > larger blocks.
> >   I don't say the above rhetorically...

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