[ppml] POC verification process

bmanning at karoshi.com bmanning at karoshi.com
Tue Aug 12 15:58:50 EDT 2003

> >I would suggest that your target customers would be best served by a
> >consortium-led directory made up of the main players in the industry, and
> >that - therefore - this isn't really a valid topic for discussion here.
> Now what I am proposing here is an RIR-like organization to serve the 
> financial services industry. That is something which does not currently
> exist although there are precedents in the way SITA was given space for
> the air-traffic industry and the way that the North American cable 
> industry
> was given a /8. Before one can reasonably discuss this with the companies
> which would form this type of new registry, one first needs to have some
> idea of how to go about getting an allocation of space. That is a matter
> of public policy so I am discussing it here. Also, I suspect that most
> organizations who would be part of the said consortium are also ARIN 
> members
> so it does no harm to broach the subject in this forum.
> --Michael Dillon

	If that is what you are proposing, why are you bringing it to ARIN
	at this time?  What you need to do is to get the members of the
	financial services industry to agree among themselves on a single
	party to represent their interests to the RIR community.  This 
	new entity would have, as its customers, the members of the 
	finacial services industry.  They, presumably, would all be legally
	bound to only use the services of this "stovepipe" services group
	to manage their network addressing requirements.  If such a group
	were to be formed, I have no doubt that ARIN would be happy to 
	work with them to meet the needs of their customers.  I honestly
	do not see anything unique or different here.  It looks very much
	like normal ISP startup to me.


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