[ppml] IANA is dead!?

Michael.Dillon at radianz.com Michael.Dillon at radianz.com
Tue Aug 12 10:22:35 EDT 2003

>> I want to discuss the possibility of setting up a non-RIR 
>> registry similar 

>There are no non-RIR registries for this address space.  Prospective
>users of this space must apply for it to an RIR and must meet the IPv4
>justification criteria.

There used to be non-RIR registries before we separated ARIN from the 
Internic and created ICANN.

RIR means REGIONAL Internet Registry and there is something fundamentally 
wrong with that in the context of the global internets which serve the 
financial services industry. I don't expect ARIN to fix that by itself, 
but the discussion needs to take place somewhere and ARIN needs to be 
involved in the decision-making. To date, ICANN has been rather silent on 
the matter other than to suggest that the matter needs to be discussed 
with the regional registry policy makers first.

The fact is that ARIN's current policies are too rigid and do not take 
into account the varying needs of today's ISPs. The policies were put in 
place when all ISPs were small rapidly growing entrepreneurial startups 
with virtually the same business model as every other ISP. The world has 
changed and now there are a wide variety of business models and a wide 
variety of ways in which IPv4 networks are constructed and managed. The 
ARIN policies are now attempting to enforce an obsolete business model and 
are an impediment to competition in the marketplace. The challenge is to 
change the policies before real damage is done to member businesses and 
legal actions are launched.

I believe that there is broad support for policy reform within the ARIN 
membership. People do differ on the details but I do not detect any 
significant level of support for "business as usual".

--Michael Dillon

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