[ppml] IANA is dead!?

CJ Wittbrodt cjw at groovy.com
Tue Aug 12 10:14:45 EDT 2003

Just an addition to Ray's response.  24/8 was never a separate registry.
It was a block allocated specifically to cable IP providers but it was
always managed by the RIR system.  The process for getting space in
24/8 was actually more stringent than the regular registry policies and
required the RIR to review it and then for IANA to approve it.  We also
had to provide much more information about utilization than do regular
ISPs. Be afraid of what you ask for, you just might get it.


    From: Michael.Dillon at radianz.com
    Subject: [ppml] IANA is dead!?
    Does anyone have any recent evidence to suggest that IANA still exists and 
    I tried to contact them about a month ago and have received only a single 
    reply from someone stating that they would review my email and get back to 
    me at some indeterminate future date. Apparently ICANN is supposed to be 
    running the "IANA function" under contract to the U.S. government but I've 
    been unable to detect any "function" at all.
    Theoretically, IANA is supposed to hold the root responsibility for all of 
    the IPv4 address space, but apparently they are unwilling to communicate 
    with anyone about IP addresses other than RIR officials. This does not 
    seem terribly responsible to me.
    I want to discuss the possibility of setting up a non-RIR registry similar 
    the the 24/8 deal with the cable industry and the 57/8 deal with the air 
    traffic industry. In my case I work in an industry (financial services) 
    that has global networking requirements between many companies. However, 
    these networks are somewhat different from the Internet. For one thing, 
    they are not connected directly to the Internet. For another thing, the 
    companies who interconnect are terribly interested in knowing who has 
    registered addresses and who is using them and for what. In other words, 
    filtering and ACLs all over the place.
    It is my assertion that this industry would be better served by having a 
    global address registry separate from the RIRs. Before I start making the 
    rounds of the various network operators in this industry to discuss this 
    idea, I would like to find out under what circumstances it would be 
    possible to proceed. If IANA cannot do this any more, then where is the 
    joint RIR body who can discuss this issue?
    P.S. Financial Services refers to banking, stock exchanges, fund 
    management, forex, trading networks, etc...
    Michael Dillon
    Capacity Planning, Prescot St., London, UK
    Mobile: +44 7900 823 672    Internet: michael.dillon at radianz.com
    Phone: +44 20 7650 9493    Fax: +44 20 7650 9030

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