[ppml] POC verification process

Michael.Dillon at radianz.com Michael.Dillon at radianz.com
Tue Aug 12 07:19:30 EDT 2003

>Just sticking to the 10 range in IPv4.. 16 million large organizations is
>not enough? 

The problem is that it is unregistered and there is no way to control what
ranges any organization might be using internally. If it were really 
to build an internet without globally unique IP addresses, then ARIN would
not even exist.

>I dare say that IPv6 would solve the problem entirely.

Yes. Because of the large address space, it is straightforward to get a 
enough allocation to build a sizable internetwork. But v6 isn't here yet 
the application developpers aren't pushing or supporting it.

>after all, you're
>talking about a strictly private and proprietary network,

No. An internetwork, by its very nature, is not strictly private. There 
many private companies who are sharing the internetwork just like the
public Internet. The main difference is that the AUP of the public 
is very loose and only prohibits network abusers from connecting. On the
financial industry internets, the AUP requires companies to be in the 
and use the network to buy or sell services from each other. This may be
something like a private club but it is still a public network within that
industry because you and your competitors are all on the same internet.

>That appears to suffice for Reuters, who, if memory serves, have a 
>IP network that encompasses pretty much all large and small players in 
>industry, with a variety of end-points at each customer premises.

Reuters did not use RFC1918 addresses for their network; they simply 
ranges like 1/8, 2/8, 3/8, 4/8 etc. But that's history now. For over three 
Reuters has been migrating their services to larger shared internets which 
registered IP addresses. My company happens to run one of those shared 
perhaps the larger one. Our internet also has about 100 providers of 
services in addition to Reuters on it.

-- Michael Dillon

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