[ppml] POC verification process

Michael.Dillon at radianz.com Michael.Dillon at radianz.com
Tue Aug 12 05:09:01 EDT 2003

>We are requested feedback on the proposed text below.

Sounds good.

>Verification Process:

Does that say process? I thought this was supposed to be a policy?
Let's leave process details to the ARIN staff. If we need to mention
it in the policy we could say something like

    ARIN Staff will attempt to contact the POC using email, fax,
    telephone and any other suitable means. If contact cannot
    be made after 30 days, then the status will be changed to...

Please try to avoid micromanaging ARIN staff. We need to ensure
that they have the flexibilty to deal with changing circumstances
rather than yoke them with an overly bureaucratic mandate.

In fact, I'm real uncomfortable about even mentioning time frames as
in the 30 days I mentioned above. Unless timeframes are absolutely
necessary as an upper limit, it might be better to ask ARIN to
publish the date that the status was changed to "In-Process" so that
we can clearly see the elapsed time and leave it at that.

--Michael Dillon

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