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> These industry internets already use many forms of secure gateways, NAT,
> VPNs etc, much like the public Internet. But that doesn't make it possible
> to go very far reusing the same small blocks of RFC 1918 addresses over
> and over again.

Just sticking to the 10 range in IPv4.. 16 million large organizations is
not enough? (That's just assuming simple NAT, and that smaller organizations
will continue to use the general Internet - lease-line telecoms are simply
too expensive for such dedicated links).

I dare say that IPv6 would solve the problem entirely.. after all, you're
talking about a strictly private and proprietary network, so the appropriate
hardware would be a tiny proportion of the overall infrastructure cost to
set this all up.

As goes data storage - given the relatively small amount of data and the
availability of a simple hash (the numeric representation of the address),
two flat files (address index and associated organization details) should be
sufficient on any post-1995 machine..

That appears to suffice for Reuters, who, if memory serves, have a private
IP network that encompasses pretty much all large and small players in that
industry, with a variety of end-points at each customer premises.


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