[ppml] IANA is dead!?

A. Michael Salim msalim at localweb.com
Mon Aug 11 11:17:46 EDT 2003


An interesting application ... however forgive me for being ignorant but
could this not be done by using the 10.x.x.x space and a physically
private network - as you indicated, your networks are not connected to the
Internet anyhow, and yet they presumably are interconnected in some other
fashion perhaps through a backbone of routers using IPv4, in which case
you are free to use the 10.x.x.x space as you will.  If and when your
private network needs to connect to the "real interent", presumably you
could employ secure gateways or border routers, or some form of VPN maybe?

best regards
Mike Salim

> I want to discuss the possibility of setting up a non-RIR registry similar
> the the 24/8 deal with the cable industry and the 57/8 deal with the air
> traffic industry. In my case I work in an industry (financial services)
> that has global networking requirements between many companies. However,
> these networks are somewhat different from the Internet. For one thing,
> they are not connected directly to the Internet. For another thing, the
> companies who interconnect are terribly interested in knowing who has
> registered addresses and who is using them and for what. In other words,
> filtering and ACLs all over the place.
> It is my assertion that this industry would be better served by having a
> global address registry separate from the RIRs. Before I start making the
> rounds of the various network operators in this industry to discuss this
> idea, I would like to find out under what circumstances it would be
> possible to proceed. If IANA cannot do this any more, then where is the
> joint RIR body who can discuss this issue?
> P.S. Financial Services refers to banking, stock exchanges, fund
> management, forex, trading networks, etc...

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