[ppml] Industry self regulation (was IP address theft?)

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Tue Apr 29 17:40:16 EDT 2003

Thus spake "Mury" <mury at goldengate.net>
> ARIN (RIRs) could "insist" or just "encourage" members to filter out
> certain blocks of IPs for various reasons.
> It would only take a percentage of members actually doing it, especially
> if the big dogs were on board, to make it work.

That would do no good, as WIANA claims no intent to announce 1/8.

> While it seems to me that someone needs to work with WIANA to
> make their block legitimate, what would stop the next group from
> doing the same thing?

The only way to stop squatters is to make it easy for them to get land (aka
addresses) legitimately.  Real world precedent clearly favors the squatter
when the owner of record isn't doing anything useful with the land.


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