[ppml] The WIANA registry

Charles Scott cscott at gaslightmedia.com
Tue Apr 29 14:47:08 EDT 2003

  Perhaps more correctly it could be considered "identity theft", as in an
attempt to knowingly deceive by assuming the identity of another party
without their permission. In this case, since is reserved by
IANA, there may or may not be an identity that is being assumed. The
situation would become much more clear, I would think, if IANA were to
want to do something with that address space.
  Another twist that comes to mind is that using that netblock without
proper rwhois data could be interpreted as an attempt to mask the identity
of the user. Since the hierarchical registry structure is the defacto
reference for these assignments, a private and alternate method of
identity may not be sufficient. 

Chuck Scott

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