[ppml] The WIANA registry

Joe Baptista baptista at dot-god.com
Tue Apr 29 13:16:41 EDT 2003

On Tue, 29 Apr 2003, Michel Py wrote:

> David,
> > David Conrad wrote:
> > This is theft.
> I would call that hijacking or squatting. The way I understand theft is
> that the resource is not available anymore to the original owner and
> becomes "property" of the thief. This is not what we have here;
> is still available and can be delegated to a RIR. Actually, if
> I was IANA and I was pissed, that's what I would do.
> Anyway, without pointing fingers, there has been a failure in the system
> to push these guys to create WIANA. I don't condone it (if we let this
> happen everyone is going to hijack prefixes) but this should remind
> everyone that terrorism often happens form people that have been turned
> down by the established authority.

who gave IANA that authority?  God?  Man?  On the internet authority is a
matter of trust and those who lose the commuities trust lose that
authority.  and since the issuance of numbers seems more like a game of
MLM - lets make a buck - i'm not surprised to see the WIANA's of the world
rise up.

joe baptista

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