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Cutler, James R james.cutler at eds.com
Fri Apr 25 05:33:25 EDT 2003

I am a member of the ppml and NANOG lists, among many others.  Over the
years I have found two things:

1.  If I wait to respond, there are at least two others who will essentially
respond with my thoughts, often in better words than I can.  (The ppml list
top twenty contains at least four such participants.)

2.  Responding to the more outrageous and egregious messages usually results
in ad hominum attacks, so I try to refrain from responding to those

The net result is to be in "Listen Mode" for the most part.  Sometimes, I
have found a new list, tried it, and found the noise level to be too high to
spend any time there.  For NANOG and ARIN lists, I just tolerate the noise

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What would be interesting to know is is that silent majority silent because
they are happy, silent because they are afraid to speak up, or silent
because they simply don't know this list and/or the meetings exist?

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