[ppml] Re: AC Role (WAS: Independent space from ARIN)

J. Scott Marcus scott at scottmarcus.com
Thu Apr 24 23:18:42 EDT 2003

Alec said:

> > The AC's role is explicitly defined in the ARIN bylaws.
> > Article VIII, section 3:
> >
> > Function. It shall be the function of the Advisory Council to
> > act in an
> > advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees on matters as the Board of
> > Trustees may, from time to time, request involving IP
> > allocation policies
> > and related matters. Between meetings of the Advisory Council, the
> > President of ARIN shall be the point of contact between the Advisory
> > Council and the Board of Trustees.
> >
> > ... It is not the AC's place to provide unsolicited
> > advice to the BoT.

With all due respect, I don't think that this verbiage precludes the AC 
from offering the BoT advice on issues where the BoT did not solicit 
it.  It states what the "function", or job, of the AC is.  As long as the 
AC is fulfilling its function, I don't think that this verbiage prevents an 
activist AC from volunteering an opinion on matters where the BoT did not 
specifically request it...

At the same time, I do not think that the BoT is under any obligation to DO 
anything with gratuitous advice from the AC.

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