[ppml] Re: Independent space from ARIN

bmanning at karoshi.com bmanning at karoshi.com
Thu Apr 24 19:40:40 EDT 2003

	I'm not sure where ARIN started direct delegations, but
	prior to 1q1998, ASNs (in the ARIN region) were not tied
	to an RIR.  At the time, we were in the high thousands, e.g.
	7800ish.   And ASNs were used for other things besides BGP
	policy boundaries before jhawk and yakov redfined their use.

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> oshi.com wrote:
> > 	Not all ASN holders are RIR members?
> A true statement to be sure, but is there really that big of a
> difference?  An ASN is kinda useless without some IP space to
> announce, and I'm sure not everyone gets their IP space from ARIN
> directly, but the gap is a bit wider than I thought.
> Or, it could be there are more "end users" (who don't get automatic
> membership) than I thought...I don't see any statistics that break
> down the number of allocations to "ISP's" vrs "end users".
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