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Leo Bicknell bicknell at ufp.org
Thu Apr 24 18:12:19 EDT 2003

In a message written on Thu, Apr 24, 2003 at 06:07:48PM -0400, Lee Howard wrote:
> http://www.arin.net/library/minutes/ARIN_XI/PDF/Wednesday/5_MSD_Hamlin.pdf
> Registration Services gives the number of members at every members'
> meeting.  Looks like 1893 members, but it's still worth wondering how
> many of them have duplicate contacts.

That seems low to me.  AS number allocation is closing in on 30,000.
Per the CIDR report,
there are 14888 AS's in the global routing table.

ARIN is one of three major registries, I'll assume for the moment
they are equal, so ARIN must have assigned about 10,000 AS's of
which 5,000 are in use (is there a report that can verify those

So, if there are 1893 members, then the average member has 2.6
ASN's.  That doesn't seem quite right to me.  Sure, there are more
than a few people with 3-5 (or more) ASN's, but there are a ton of
people with just one as well.  If we use the 10,000 number we're over
5 ASN's per member.

What am I missing?  

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