[ppml] Re: Independent space from ARIN

Alec H. Peterson ahp at hilander.com
Thu Apr 24 14:36:04 EDT 2003

--On Thursday, April 24, 2003 12:50 -0500 Mury <mury at goldengate.net> wrote:

> Sure everyone should be able to handle some email list abuse.  But if you
> thought it was important enough to defend ARIN, I'm asking that you
> consider defending some of those that are trying to contribute.

Mury, thank you for the thoughtful reply.

While I agree 100% that the mailing list can sometimes be hostile to some 
people who try to jump into the fray, I think you have missed an important 
point.  Joe Public Policy Subscriber is completely free to defend himself 
and say whatever he wants.  ARIN staff, on the other hand, are required to 
remain completely neutral and as such cannot get involved in PPML 

Nevertheless, I agree completely that it would be a good thing to have more 
than a handful of people participate on the list.  I will do what I can to 
encourage as much diverse participation as possible.


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