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John M. Brown john at
Thu Apr 24 14:10:46 EDT 2003

I disagree, the AC should be able to provide  unsolicited
advise to the BoT.

But then the AC needs newer and better leadership, which is
one of the reasons I resigned from the AC, its lack of leadership.

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> Hello William,
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> > So if AC is here and listening I think you should consider 
> spending a 
> > lot more time on the operational issues and problems and not bother 
> > going after policy making (you're not parliment here) - 
> leave that to 
> > people actually making proposals. This is in fact what I 
> see as proper 
> > role for AC - identify ARIN operational problems and assist arin in 
> > solving them (with new policy making being left to general 
> community).
> (Putting on my ARIN AC Chair hat)
> First and foremost, I can assure you the AC is here and definitely 
> listening (and not just the people who are posting).
> The AC's role is explicitly defined in the ARIN bylaws.  
> Article VIII, 
> section 3:
> Function. It shall be the function of the Advisory Council to 
> act in an 
> advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees on matters as the Board of 
> Trustees may, from time to time, request involving IP 
> allocation policies 
> and related matters. Between meetings of the Advisory Council, the 
> President of ARIN shall be the point of contact between the Advisory 
> Council and the Board of Trustees.
> At this time, the BoT has a standing request for the AC to 
> provide advice 
> on IP allocation policy matters.  In addition, the BoT asked 
> the AC for a 
> recommendation on the key signing key management draft at our 
> meeting min 
> Memphis.  It is not the AC's place to provide unsolicited 
> advice to the BoT.
> Alec
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