[ppml] Re: Independent space from ARIN

Mury mury at goldengate.net
Thu Apr 24 13:50:57 EDT 2003


I couldn't agree with you more.  However, I do have something to add.  I
have been trying to be an active participant on this list for maybe three
years now.

I have watched just as much abuse get thrown at the "outsiders" by staunch
ARIN insiders/supporters.

I, for one, think ARIN does a pretty good job.  So this is in no way any
attack on ARIN, nor does it come from that view point.  But there are
those on this list that are extremely hard on people that are trying to
express a concern.

In my opinion this list has become in large part a place for those with
similiar opinions AND agenda to systematically turn those away with
different view points.  In addition, it tends to be done in such a way
that those people won't ever bother coming back again.

Most of the time I think some of the things are proposed or suggested
aren't very good ideas, but I don't think it warrants the type of
responses that they receive.

I would love to see the stats for this mailling list over the last 3
years.  I really wish I would have kept copies so I could do it myself.

How many people contributed?
What percentage of messages were sent by the same 7 people?
What percentage of messages were sent by the same 15 people?
What percentage of messages were sent by the same 50 people?
What percentage of people who send a message ever contribute again (after
a 60 day period)?

I have no clue how many people are lurking out there, but this list
appears to not have a wide base of participation.  Perhaps that has
something to do with the reception most regular Joes receive (with no
offense meant to the women out there).

Sure everyone should be able to handle some email list abuse.  But if you
thought it was important enough to defend ARIN, I'm asking that you
consider defending some of those that are trying to contribute.


GoldenGate Internet Services

> Can I please make a request that people stop trying to label all ARIN
> registration staff people as 'stupid'?  Antagonizing them certainly will
> not help your cause.  And beyond that, it just isn't polite.
> Let's try to act professional people.  In my experience ARIN staff have
> been consummate professionals regardless of what type of abuse they are
> subjected to.  This is to their credit, but that doesn't mean they should
> have to take it.  Let's try to deal with these issues in a professional
> manner.
> Alec
> --
> Alec H. Peterson -- ahp at hilander.com
> Chief Technology Officer
> Catbird Networks, http://www.catbird.com

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