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Alec H. Peterson ahp at hilander.com
Thu Apr 24 11:20:57 EDT 2003

Hello William,

--On Thursday, April 24, 2003 1:20 -0700 william at elan.net wrote:

> So if AC is here and listening I think you should consider spending a lot
> more time on the operational issues and problems and not bother going
> after policy making (you're not parliment here) - leave that to people
> actually making proposals. This is in fact what I see as proper role for
> AC - identify ARIN operational problems and assist arin in solving them
> (with new policy making being left to general community).

(Putting on my ARIN AC Chair hat)

First and foremost, I can assure you the AC is here and definitely 
listening (and not just the people who are posting).

The AC's role is explicitly defined in the ARIN bylaws.  Article VIII, 
section 3:

Function. It shall be the function of the Advisory Council to act in an 
advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees on matters as the Board of 
Trustees may, from time to time, request involving IP allocation policies 
and related matters. Between meetings of the Advisory Council, the 
President of ARIN shall be the point of contact between the Advisory 
Council and the Board of Trustees.

At this time, the BoT has a standing request for the AC to provide advice 
on IP allocation policy matters.  In addition, the BoT asked the AC for a 
recommendation on the key signing key management draft at our meeting min 
Memphis.  It is not the AC's place to provide unsolicited advice to the BoT.


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