[ppml] Re: Independent space from ARIN

Richard Jimmerson richardj at arin.net
Wed Apr 23 18:15:16 EDT 2003

To All:

ARIN staff is required to review requests for 
Internet numbering resources in accordance with
the policies set forth by the ARIN user community.
These policies are documented on the ARIN website,
as well is the process by which changes to policy
may be made.  

If you ever believe that your request for IP
address space to ARIN is not being reviewed in 
accordance with written policy, please notify a 
member of ARIN management and a full review of
your case will be conducted in order to ensure 
that proper procedures are being followed.

When communicating with ARIN registration staff
via email, you may request your case be reviewed 
by a supervisor or management at any time.  You
may also ask to speak to a supervisor or manager
by calling the ARIN Registration Services Help-Desk:


For matters related to registration services you
may contact the Registration Services Director,
Leslie Nobile, directly by sending email to
leslien at arin.net. 

I may be contacted by sending email to
richardj at arin.net.

Best Regards,

Richard Jimmerson
Director of Operations
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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> >On Wed, 23 Apr 2003 Michael.Dillon at radianz.com wrote:
> >> Education programs are most emphatically *NOT* a 
> substitute for good 
> >> communication in the form of clear, well-written policies...
> >I agree completely, but you know where the blame for muddy policy 
> >falls, right Michael?  You want clear policy, write it, and I'll 
> >support it.
> I'd be happy if the policies that ARIN actually abides by 
> were actually posted on their website, rather than the 
> fiction that's up there now.
> -- 
> Jeff McAdams
> "He who laughs last, thinks slowest." -- anonymous

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