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Sweeting, John John.Sweeting at teleglobe.com
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To each their own opinions....I have been dealing with ARIN since its
inception and can only say that they have been consistent in their request
for information on their templates as well as the evidence that they require
for justification. I have worked for a few of the larger Tier 1 providers
and requesting address space from ARIN was one of the easier tasks of
managing IP address space. If you manage your address space and can show
them how it is used then there is no problem in acquiring additional
addresses when required.

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Thus spake "Sweeting, John" <John.Sweeting at teleglobe.com>
> Second, the percentage that understand ARIN policies do so because
> it is thier job to do so and so they take the time to read, learn and
> understand.

If ARIN's bureaucracy is so hideous that members need to hire extra staff
just to comply, something is very seriously wrong.

> It is much easier to say.....ARIN doesn't know what it is doing and
> that is why I cannot get my request approved.....then it is to take
> the time to understand the requirements and meet them.

Anecdotal evidence shows that ARIN does not follow its published policies
when making allocation decisions.  How, then, do you propose members
"understand the requirements and meet them"?


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