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Michael.Dillon at radianz.com Michael.Dillon at radianz.com
Tue Apr 22 11:23:27 EDT 2003

I keep thinking that I won't forward any more NANOG messages but the 
thread keeps getting more interesting.

Also Sprach Ron da Silva
>Exactly which unpublished policies do you mean?  Here is a list of the
>published policies.


Mostly its an issue of the policy not matching what they do (sorry for
getting a little loose with my language).  Specifically, off the top of
my head, and hit close to home here.

* Agree that the new /20 will be used to renumber out of the current
addresses which will be returned to their upstream


* To receive additional address space following the initial
allocation, multi-homed organizations must have returned the
original space (/21) to its provider in its entirety and must
provide justification for a new allocation

Again...this is specific for multi-homing...and perhaps the policies to
non-multi-homing override these (we also qualified for non-multi-homed),
but in that case...that should be spelled out.

Reading ARIN's policies is an exercise in frustration thanks to, at
least seemingly, conflicting information and requirements in different
sections.  What applies?  What overrides?  All learned only from
repeated dealings with them at this point.

With the above policies...I've had two different explanations from
ARIN (as I mentioned, one after the initial allocation, one after the
second allocation)...neither of which matched what I pasted from their
website above.
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