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Tue Apr 22 10:03:35 EDT 2003

Here's a thread that I picked up from the NANOG list.
Any comments?

Also Sprach Jeff McAdams
>Also Sprach Dan Hollis
>>Would like to hear from anyone who purchased independent address space
>>from ARIN, what issues you had (technical, or otherwise).

>Nothing other than the usually utter inability to apply any sort of
>critical thinking to address space allocations.  Attitudes along the
>lines of, "We're doing what the policy says, even if the policy makes
>absolutely no sense given the facts of past allocations and the current
>allocation request."

>Common sense at ARIN is dead.

Following up to myself.  :/  I should think more before sending...

I guess I should also mention their complete lack of communication about
the allocations and how they apply their policy.

Some of you *might* remember a rant I posted here several years ago
about getting our first allocation from ARIN...many here suggested that
I call ARIN and get clarification on the allocation (ie, they gave me a
/20 when I offered to renumber out of a /20 plus a smattering of other
blocks...mathematically impossible, of course).  So, when I called them
back, they told me that renumbering out of our upstream provided space
wasn't part of getting the allocation, and wasn't considered in the
allocation process.

So, now, when I go for them for the next allocation, stating that I
*wanted* to renumber out of these blocks, what do I get?  Another /20
(now even more mathematically impossible than ever).  So, when I called
emailed them for clarification, pointing out that I was actively looking
to renumber out of upstream provided space and that a /20 wasn't enough
space to do so...they told me that they weren't going to give me the
space because the policy's wouldn't allow it (thus my first post), and
that "You were going to renumber when you got your last allocation
several years ago, and you didn't." (quote isn't exact, but captures the
spirit of what was said).

Needless to say...ARIN needs a big foam cluebat upside the head...alas,
I don't see it happening.

I've see the posts from people suggesting that people get involved in
shaping policy at ARIN through the mailing lists and the like...but I
don't go in much for futile efforts.  :/
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