[ppml] Last Call for Comment: Policy Proposal 2002-5

william at elan.net william at elan.net
Thu Apr 17 09:01:58 EDT 2003

On Wed, 16 Apr 2003, Bill Woodcock wrote:
>     > If we really want to see organizations relinquish space to below /20
>     > boandary (this creating new micro-assignments) then we must have new fee
>     > schedule that takes care of micro-assignments properly.
> These are two completely orthoganal issues.  Policy proposal 2002-5 deals
> with addresses, not dollars.  If you wish to suggest a separate policy
> related to dollars, you're absolutely welcome to, at any time.  You're not
> welcome to try to hang your agenda on the side of this unrelated policy.

You know quite well yourself that under ARIN systems how much to charge 
are not policy matters but have to be proposed by finance comitee (is 
that what it is called?) and approved by BoT based on members feedback.
But its not open policy policy issue.

And this is not quite orthogonal to 2002-5. Without lower fees for blocks 
there are no advantages for somebody to relinquish space to below /20. I 
mean lets say you have /19 that you're paying ARIN $2500/yr for and you 
really just need /22. Would you really agree to give up most of your ips 
(knowing how difficult it can be getting more ips in the future) and in 
the end you either get /22 of your former block (which would not be 
routable if all other blocks in that /8 are /20 or highier) or have to 
renumber (another nightmare) and still in the end you continue to pay ARIN 
same $2500/yr. However if there was an advantage like moving from paying 
$2500/yr to $500/yr - this would be substnatial enough for somebody to use 
this policy and reduce its allocation.

As I said before I do not have problem with amnesty policy idea, but I 
think it'll never be used widely because it does not help those who want to 
go below /20 and these majority of those who could possibly want 
to use this policy. But this does not mean the issues can not be fixed 
after the policy is passed - just have to be aware what needs to be 
done if you want organizations to really take advantage of the policy.

William Leibzon

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