[ppml] AC resignations in the last few months

Barbara Roseman broseman at ix.netcom.com
Wed Apr 16 21:52:55 EDT 2003

John, and everyone,

I resigned from the ARIN AC because of a perceived conflict of interest 
with my new position working with ICANN.


At 01:08 PM 4/16/2003 -0600, John M. Brown wrote:
>It appears that the AC has been having a number
>of people resign from the AC.
>There has been no characterization of why those people
>have decided to leave.
>It seems to me that this is more than in the past.
>I'd like to understand the total number of people
>that have resigned, and why they have resigned from
>the AC.
>Since we are looking at policy process reform it may
>be good to also see if there are other problems
>that need to be addressed.
>John Brown,
>A Former member of the ARIN AC

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