[ppml] AC resignations in the last few months

Tanya Hinman thinman at clp.cw.net
Wed Apr 16 16:39:45 EDT 2003


Out of the kindness of my heart, I'll let you know why I ressigned...

I resigned due to health reasons. The commitment was there, but you get to a
point, as Bill stated, when life kind of takes you by surprise and you have
to sit down for awhile.


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Meant to send this reply to both John and the ppml..... but failed to
include ppml.....

Bill Darte

> John,
> People resign for a variety of reasons.  These reasons are
> generally made available at the discretion of the individual.
>  When you resigned, there was not call for you to explain,
> nor was any offered to the AC as I recall..... and I do not
> see that it is anyones business beyond that.
> I do think that when there are lots of resignations, it begs
> ARIN to ensure that persons running for the AC fully embrace
> the commitments they are making to serve the community
> throughout there 3 yr. term.  If however life reaches up an
> grabs you by the pants, well you have to do what you have to
> do... not necessarily explain it.
> I think having 15 members of the AC makes sense in order for
> there to be sufficient numbers remaining even when we have an
> unusually high number of resignations as has happened recently.
> Bill Darte
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> >
> > It appears that the AC has been having a number
> > of people resign from the AC.
> >
> > There has been no characterization of why those people
> > have decided to leave.
> >
> > It seems to me that this is more than in the past.
> >
> > I'd like to understand the total number of people
> > that have resigned, and why they have resigned from
> > the AC.
> >
> > Since we are looking at policy process reform it may
> > be good to also see if there are other problems
> > that need to be addressed.
> >
> > John Brown,
> > A Former member of the ARIN AC
> >
> >

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