[ppml] Advisory Council Activity

Bill Darte billd at cait.wustl.edu
Wed Apr 16 12:27:36 EDT 2003

Alec, All,

Each member of the AC now has a plateful of responsibility.....
create/shepard identified policy and process.......  

To the extent that many parallel tracks for policy development are in play,
and not every AC member has the same longevity with ARIN or experience with
policy development,..... I think it is important that we get agreement on
what should be considered in policy development.  That is... the policy
development template or guidelines.....

I notice that this does not appear below and I do not recall that it was
addressed in your assignment emails.  

The AC with particular input by Ron and myself created some guidelines and
that was sent to Scott Bradner.  Ron apparently (by comment at the Tues.
dinner) has offered "another pair of eyes" to Scott and I volunteered to
continue to be involved at the meeting.  Regardless of who is involved on
the AC or the Board it seems crucial to me that the AC be able to articulate
clearly and in writing what it considers when crafting policy.  This is
important for the AC in that we need to be on the same page as we travel
these policy development tracks we are on, but also to be able to relate to
the BoT and to the ARIN community what we deem important considerations 'in
general' with all policies.  Also, there are aspect which we deem irrelevant
to all policy.  

To be sure, individual policies will have their idiosyncracies.  By
articulating through a policy template or guideline document what we
perceive to be relevant and important considerations, we may then spend most
of our time talking about idiosyncracies rather than the general
considerations when we justify or debate individual policies.

It is my opinion that you (Alec) need to embrace and shepard this activity
with input from all of the AC (and from Scott if he would like to
contribute).  I feel that this is an AC issue, it is crucial to our
credibility and success in our new policy role definition, and it cannot be
accomplished too soon.


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> Subject: [ppml] Advisory Council Activity
> This information was all in my AC Report at the member meeting on 
> Wednesday, but I wanted to share it with the PPML group as well.  The 
> Advisory Council is actively discussing policy issues in the 
> following 
> areas:
> *) The RIRs' relationship with IANA
> *) A general whois AUP, similar to the bulk whois AUP
> *) Amnesty Requests
> *) Abuse Contact Requirements
> *) Residential Customer Privacy
> *) IPv6 Allocation Policy
> *) Rwhois Server Operational Requirements
> *) Experimental Allocations
> *) ARIN's minimum IPv4 allocation/assignment size
> *) Open Access Cable Issues
> *) Key signing key management
> *) Aggregation Requests
> Several AC members are assigned to each discussion topic.  There are 
> specific deliverables associated with each group (such as a policy 
> proposal, a presentation of issues, etc).  When a policy 
> proposal is ripe 
> for public consumption it will be posted to the public policy 
> mailing list 
> for discussion.
> If anybody has an issue related to ARIN policies that you 
> would like the AC 
> to look into, please feel free e-mail us at ac at arin.net.  
> Right now this is 
> an open-post list, however if spam becomes an issue we may 
> change it to 
> only allow posts from subscribers to ppml at arin.net.
> Alec
> ARIN Advisory Council Chair

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