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Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Tue Apr 15 21:38:59 EDT 2003

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Thus spake <bdragon at gweep.net>
> The problem is that PA space is questionable. As you stated, if the only
> way to do something one wants to do is to lie/cheat/steal/kill, many
> people will do it.

One could falsify efficiency documentation on your PI space as well; PA
space isn't inherently more susceptible to fraud.

> Some of the "P" in the PA will break the rules in order to drive sales.
> So, the inherent assumption that a provider is already compliant is
> not a given, which strikes down the argument.

ARIN's policies rely on the assumption that all SWIPs to customers are
legitimate -- in practice if not in theory.  If you are going to throw rocks
at that assumption, you're going to have to redesign the whole RIR system.

> I'ld also advocate that it a provider is below 25% usage, that they
> have address space rescinded, including blocks not presently assigned
> to any RIR.

There is currently no precedent for revoking any allocation made by an RIR,
InterNIC, or IANA.  While your intentions are probably good, the
consequences of this are so staggering you'll never get consensus.

> If an entity can not be contacted for 2 compliance periods (for example,
> a swamp /24 to some long-dead company) that they be considered
> defunct, and the space rescinded.

Bill Manning/ISI already has been working for several years now to reclaim
unused address space.

> But, then again, I'm fairly liberal. I'm sure the more conservative
> among us (and those hanging onto former customer /24s, /8s, etc)
> would absolutely hate this, since they are getting something for nothing
> and don't like having to play by the same rules as the rest of us.

There are significant legal obstacles to recovering fees from allocations
made during the InterNIC days, and this would only be viable if we agreed
that RIRs can revoke unpaid legacy allocations.


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