[ppml] Big numbers

David Conrad david.conrad at nominum.com
Thu Apr 10 14:48:46 EDT 2003


On Tuesday, April 8, 2003, at 10:44  AM, McBurnett, Jim wrote:
> It can be said that anything can be MADE to work... But will is scale?

Or, as a friend at NASA used to tell me, with enough thrust pigs can 
fly quite well.

> Second: There are at least 2 organizations, that I personnaly have 
> knowledge of,
> that use RW addresses on 95% of all their systems RIGHT NOW as I type 
> this.

RW addresses?

> I, for one, think we should start pushing every provider to start 
> working
> on the v6 implementations, and "get along little doggie."

Most (commercial) ISPs need a business case to justify the expense of 
investing in new technology.  To date, no one I am aware of has come up 
with a compelling business case, at least in the ARIN area.

> We can put off this change as long as we want, but WE as the community 
> all know how much of
> a pain renumbering is. Would you rather do it sooner, with less IPv4 
> addresses to renumber or later
> with far more work?  IPv6, according to some, should stop the need of 
> renumbering........

If that were true, IPv6 would be wildly popular as it would mean 
provider independence.  This is not the case.  Today, renumbering IPv6 
is essentially as easy/difficult as renumbering IPv4.


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