[ppml] Proposed Changes to ARIN Policy Proposal Process

Mury mury at goldengate.net
Thu Apr 10 00:30:08 EDT 2003

I see your concerns.  However, can't the smaller ISPs, myself included,
have the final say by voting in a different AC if things get ugly?

With that in mind, I don't see any problem with the proposed changes to
the proposal process.  If the AC doesn't like the a proposal in the first
place, it isn't going to be adopted anyway.


On Wed, 9 Apr 2003 william at elan.net wrote:

> I'd like people on this mailing to pay take very good look at what is
> being proposed at http://www.arin.net/policy/process_changes/, this is
> very serious revision of the process in my view both good and bad.
> First few slides about "Submitting a Policy Proposal" and "AC role" seems
> quite good, its good to have AC comment on proposals and make sure they
> are well written - I would like however this to be more public on this
> mailing list, rather then in private to authors, but either one is
> acceptable as long as authors are accomodated. Timing seems very similar
> to what we have right now, so I have no comment there.
> What I do have major comment are last slide as well as what was said on
> the live meeting. Basicly the ideas is that proposals will in general be
> brought in by AC (AC creates proposals out of ideas that they think are
> good and would be accepted) and be discussed and accepted by consensus on
> live public policy meeting that the DECISIVE role will be left to the
> meeting and NOT TO MAILING LIST as is done currently. This means that few
> companies on the meeting with help from AC and BoT will dominate the
> decisions (and as I have already commented many times and which is not
> disputed is that 50% of meeting attendies are from large ISPs, while
> these companies make only 5% of ARIN membership and far far less as far
> as general ARIN community) - seems like we're abandoning idea of internet
> democracy and rather would like to institute "Corporate Democracy" or
> Roman Senate like situation as far as decision making process. I'm very
> very concerned about this and while its probably a futile cause to change
> this general direction, I'd like people and primarily small companies
> that make majority of ARIN to seriously consider if this is what they
> want from ARIN.
> On Wed, 9 Apr 2003, Member Services wrote:
> >
> > The ARIN Board of Trustees is considering making
> > changes to the ARIN Internet Resource Policy
> > Evaluation Process. These changes were discussed at
> > the ARIN XI meeting in Memphis, on April 7, 2003.
> >
> > The presentation slides are located at:
> >
> > http://www.arin.net/policy/process_changes/
> >
> > Comments are welcome and encouraged and should be
> > sent to the Public Policy Mailing List (ppml at arin.net).
> >
> >
> > Member Services
> > American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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