[ppml] Policy Proposal 2003-4: IPv6 Policy Changes

bmanning at karoshi.com bmanning at karoshi.com
Thu Apr 10 00:24:06 EDT 2003

> > Bill Manning wrote:
> > Er... we reclaimed 17% of the total IPv4 space after
> > CIDR and before ARIN was formed.
> I'm afraid this 17% does not include the multiple persons I know that
> have a portable /24 from the swamp to use at their home.
> Michel.

	yes, well... to quote: "You keep using that word... I do
 	not think it means what you think it means" - I.Montoia

	please define "swamp"?  Some think it is any delegation
	from the range that was made 
	prior to the existance of any RIR.  This is not sufficent
	because we have no way of knowing the filtering policies of
	the (order) 10.000,00 ISPs that seem to form the Internet
	(at least by some measures).  It is the filtering policies
	of the ISPs that determine reachablity.  I note in passing
	that the above definition also includes, perhaps, the most
	popular, portable /24 in the world....
	Clearly in the swamp.  And used by hundreds of places I
	have been to in the past few years.


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