[ppml] Big numbers

John M. Brown john at chagres.net
Wed Apr 9 01:47:43 EDT 2003

ARIN should make sure that the numbers allocated are unique
to each entity.org.  

The routeability of that space is not a RIR's prime issue.  I'm
not paying them to assure that a prefix is routeable, only that
nobody else has he same bit pattern.

I really think part of this is moot, in that we don't have a 
stampeed of people wanting v6 space in the ARIN region.  

There are people/orgs that want to do real work with v6, but
can't get the space from either ARIN or their transit provider
as the transit provider doesn't offer v6 services.

I know, I've beat this horse silly......  but the fact remains
that there are ARIN members that do not feel they meet the requirements
for v6 space and they would like to use it.  There are orgs that would
become ARIN members just for v6 space alone, but again the current
rules don't let them int.  sort of trade restrictive...

> The question is, what does the ARIN community believe ARIN's 
> role is or 
> should be in limiting the creation of this new, bigger, deeper, swamp?
> Rgds,
> -drc

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