[ppml] Big numbers

David Conrad david.conrad at nominum.com
Tue Apr 8 15:06:12 EDT 2003


On Tuesday, April 8, 2003, at 09:21  AM, Bill Darte wrote:
> But what makes you think the paradigm for address allocation and 
> assignment
> will be human interactive RIR structures that exist today?

I'm not making that assumption (in fact, I actually assume the 

> What is the total number of GET requests per second on the Internet 
> today?

Not relevant.  How fast do you want (and how much do you want to pay) 
to update a database?

> Just seems to me that couching the answers to future problems in the
> paradigms of today is the way that we get in trouble.

I'm talking about a single /3.  There are more.  If we use up the first 
in the foreseeable future, assuming address consuming applications 
don't take a revolutionary turn (in which case a different /3 would be 
appropriate), I figure it would make sense to re-evaluate whether fixed 
128 bit addresses is the right model.


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