[ppml] Big numbers

David Conrad david.conrad at nominum.com
Tue Apr 8 11:42:38 EDT 2003


On Monday, April 7, 2003, at 03:28  PM, Bill Darte wrote:
> Of course, we are not talking about numbering individuals, but 
> potentially
> every electrical and electronic component as well as subsystem elements
> perhaps....

And I wasn't talking about individual addresses, but /48s...

>  there is no census data for these things, but undoubtedly this
> represents a very large number as well.

To give a slightly different perspective, if the RIRs were, on average, 
to allocate a /48 per second, 24x7x365, the current global unicast /3 
would last a bit over 1 million years.

Which is good, given how long it would likely take the routing system 
to converge... :-)


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