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From: "Richard A Steenbergen" <ras at e-gerbil.net>
> There are currently over 63,000 /24s announced to the global routing
> table. Most of it is just polution, but one of the few legitimate uses for
> some of those routes is organizations who are multihomed but who do not
> qualify for their own block under current allocation policies. By allowing
> small multihomed organizations to trade in their provider allocated blocks
> for an ARIN block, those with a legitimate need to announce such small
> blocks can be separated from those without a need, and filtered
> accordingly.

Don't you think "announcing" will soon be a thing of the past, at least for
the "core" 32-bit transport network providers ?

Whitehouse Ready to Release Next Generation Internet Plan
Note: The new plan calls for the same architecture used with IPv8 and IPv16,
whereby, users do not have direct access to the (out-of-band) IPv16 network.

Howard Schmidt, Vice Chairman, President's Critical Infrastructure
Protection Board

Orson Swindle, Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission

David J. Farber, Alfred Fitler Moore Professor of Telecommunication Systems,
University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Among the globally recognized experts who will be speaking at the conference are: Commissioner Orson Swindle of the US Federal Trade
U.S. Strategy to Secure Cyberspace
Howard Schmidt, Vice Chair, President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board
The Vice Chair of the Board responsible for preparing the US Strategy for Securing Cyberspace, which was made public on Wednesday,
September 18, 2002

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Vote Early and Often...

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