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> > I do not believe the proposed fees would be fair to either ARIN or other
> > ARIN members.  I don't think the amount of work that the ARIN staff would
> > need to perform for allocations of this size jibes with the proposed fees.
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> I'm not sure that I understand the need for the current fee structure.  We
> are talking about managing a rather small (albeit very important) database.
> The current ARIN fees seem to generate quite a lot of money.
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Isn't the need to pay more and more people at ARIN and ICANN ?

There will be additional costs in the new regime. Currently ICANN costs $6 million/year. They will add six-seven new staff in the
coming years, which will cost about $1.2 million/year. We can foresee 16-18 cents/year/domain name fee for ICANN. I have urged ICANN
to forewarn us about fee increases.

Halloran: Fees will be 12 cents/domain/year, which will allow us 27 people at ICANN. The 25 cent a year figure would occur if they
hired an extra ten people. All an.of this wuld have to go through the regular ICANN budget approval process.

Also, ARIN out-sources the work. What does that cost ?

Nominum Selected to Host IN-ADDR.ARPA Domain Delegations

Also, some of the money will end up at LACNIC.

"On 2 September 2002, customers in the emerging LACNIC region will begin to receive invoices from LACNIC. Monies will be payable in
US dollars. All monies collected by LACNIC will be transferred to ARIN. ARIN in turn will return a portion of those monies to LACNIC
to help sustain LACNIC operations. Upon final recognition, the transfer of monies will cease. The target date for the cessation of
money transfer is 18 November 2002."

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