[ppml] Transition affects business decisions

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> Transition affects business decisions
> "IMO we need to build whatever we build that is new in v6ops with this in
mind if we are to be successful and have what we do be
> used by the market."
> ======
> For many years, the IETF claimed it was not involved in setting policies
that impact business success or failure.
> Many saw that as a hypocritcal position, meant to distract people while
the IETF people engaged in activities
> that attempt to allow some businesses to succeed and others fail. Has the
IETF changed from that approach
> now that it sees that IPv6 is not selling ?
> By the way, how does HP justify all this address space ?
> http://www.iana.org/assignments/ipv4-address-space
> 015/8           Hewlett-Packard Company                 Jul 94
> 016/8           Digital Equipment Corporation           Nov 94
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