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> It sound to me like an attempt to do a fast slight of hand on existing IP
> address space holders.  I understand ARIN's reluctance to get into
> lawsuits.  But maybe a union of IP address holders should be organized to
> do just that.  There is no rationalization for charging anyone $2,500 for
> a class C or B or A.  All ARIN does is the reverse dns delegations.  And
> that is not worth $2,500 for a /19.

A /19 can support over 8,000 nodes (hosts, PCs, interfaces, etc.).

Some companies are charging $10 per month for a Static IP and some $15 per month.

A /19 should therefore yield (at one month's rental to the broker) $80,000+ in annual lease revenue.

$80,000 - $2,500 would result in $77,500 per year going to ICANN.

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