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Mon Sep 23 16:39:08 EDT 2002

Doh... I thought that name sounded familier...

Thanx for the clarification Dave.

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> Trevor,
> To be clear, I never gave an interview to Baptista (even the 
> idea what he is
> a reporter is laughable, see or his
> 'contributions' to the ICANN mailing lists as to why).  What I did do
> (stupid me) is respond to an erroneous assertion of his 
> (among various other
> innuendos and insinuations) on the cybertelecom mailing list 
> (is a mailing
> list a conference?), specifically, Baptista stated:
> >>> according to ARIN the smallest allocation has a rental 
> value of $2,500 USD
> >>> per year.
> I merely pointed out that the registries do not revoke 
> allocations if an
> organization does not pay the allocation fee.  The fees charged by the
> registries are for the service of allocation and are approved by the
> memberships of the registries.  The fee, at least 
> historically, has not been
> a "rental".
> Now, with respect to your mail:
> On 9/23/02 7:22 AM, "Trevor Paquette" 
> <Trevor.Paquette at> wrote:
> > I've always thought that IP space was a luxury, not a right.
> (As an aside, the assertion I was responding was in the 
> context of valuation
> of address space.)
> I tend to view IP space as niether.  IP space is an 
> abstraction that has
> value depending on context.  Address space obtained from a 
> regional registry
> has value in its uniqueness.  ISPs can provide additional 
> value to those
> unique addresses by routing them.  On the other hand, what is 
> the value of
> 10/8?
> IP space (v4 or v6) are merely integers.  The service of 
> insuring uniqueness
> and routability provide value to those integers.  One can 
> argue that both of
> those value inducing properties are luxuries and I'm sure 
> someone will argue
> they are rights, but that is not an argument I'd be 
> interested in getting
> into.
> > I would like to have David Conrad expound on his statments
> > here..
> Hope this clarifies things.  Note that Baptista is in my loon 
> filter (a
> necessary evil when you get as much email as I do), so 
> responses may be
> delayed if his email address shows up in the headers.
> > What is ARIN actively doing to RECLAIM IP space??
> This question would be more appropriately directed at ARIN 
> staff (who will
> jump in, if what I say is in error).  However, my 
> understanding is that
> efforts are actively underway to "clean" the database as a 
> first step.  Of
> course, attempting to 'reclaim' address space from someone 
> unwilling to give
> it up (and who has contractual agreements with ISPs to route 
> the space) will
> be the tricky part.  As roughly 45% of the address space 
> (according to the
> weekly routing table analysis sent out by APNIC) has not been 
> allocated,
> rushing into lawsuits is probably not what ARIN needs to do right now
> (IMHO).
> Rgds,
> -drc

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