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Mon Sep 23 10:22:58 EDT 2002

Damn good question..

I've always thought that IP space was a luxury, not a right.
I would like to have David Conrad expound on his statments

Speeking of which..

What is ARIN actively doing to RECLAIM IP space?? 

REAL Example:

Two large Oil and Gas companies recently merged in Canada,
each having their own Class B (Yes.. 'B').. The newly formed
entity now has TWO Class B IP subnets, that I know is NOT
activly being used on the Internet. The company could easily
get away with RFC-1918 space and a few Class Cs for their outside

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> I have the following in an article to be published this week
> "David Conrad recently reminded legal participant of telecom 
> conferences
> that Ipv4 address space remains yours even if you don't pay 
> the registry
> fees.  Conrad a registry insider at ARIN admitted people don't have to
> return address space if they don't pay their fees."
> Can anyone tell me why this is the case?
> regards
> joe baptista
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