Being blacklisted by Spews

Allen Smith easmith at
Wed Sep 4 23:01:38 EDT 2002

On Sep 4, 10:47pm, Dr. Jeffrey Race wrote:
> On Wed, 4 Sep 2002 21:47:45 -0400 (EDT), jlewis at wrote:
> >More on-topic for this list would be a question that's been argued about
> >recently in SPAM-L.  It seems there is at least one semi-popular dnsbl
> >(used to block email potentially spam) with a policy of never delisting
> >IP's.  Whether you've dealt with the problem, canceled the customer,
> >inherited the tainted IP space and had nothing to do with the past abuse,
> >they don't care.  They're not delisting you.
> >> ARIN's opinion where the "efficient utilization" of IP space is 
> >concerned as it pertains to applications for additional IP allocations, 
> >what is a member to do with permenantly blacklisted IP space? 
> You refer to Ron Guilmette, one of the smartest cookies in the
> business to whom the world owes him a lot.  For various reasons legal and
> personal he has felt he must cease list deletions; this may be 
> temporary

Putting pressure on ISPs such as Verio to stop threatening to sue blacklist
maintainers and instead actually adequately _fix_ the problems in question
would distinctly increase the chances of this being the case, of
course. That is my recommendation for what an ISP should do if they're in
this situation.

> As for "what is a member to do with permanantly blacklisted IP space?"
> the issue is comparable to what is America to do with polluted land
> sites.   Before buying land one must perform due diligence, or one
> is sucked into the superfund cleanup morass.   Those getting (and
> dispensing) IP address space will have to add to their checklist
> whether the IP address is polluted.  

Indeed. Holding those formerly with said IP space liable for bringing that
IP address space into disrepute, as it were - not only with organized
blacklists but the many, many private ones by various administrators, which
tend to be much slower to be updated for changing circumstances - would be
helpful, either in court or by less formal actions.


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