Being blacklisted by Spews

Adam Rothschild asr at
Wed Sep 4 22:27:47 EDT 2002

On 2002-09-04-20:21:16, Jill Kulpinski <Jill.Kulpinski at> wrote:
> Thanks for your comment and just to clarify, I am not speaking with
> regards to Exodus or any specific ISP. 

So why are you posting from an Exodus address, presumably in an
official capacity?  As Hansen pointed out, Exodus is no stranger to
the NANAE community.  It's about time to stop making excuses, and
start taking action.

> It is interesting because a lot of the feedback is saying that the
> ISP would just disconnect the Customer.  What if the Customer was
> sending a lot of mail from an address because they provided
> newsletter distribution services?

Then the burden should be on the customer to prove they're running a
legitimate opt-in newsletter service; most *reputable* ones keep
detailed logs of http/mail headers of subscribers opting in.  If they
can't produce, punt them...

Mind you, I'm not a big SPEWS fan, but you haven't provided me with
any compelling evidence to prove they were unjust in blackholing you.


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