Being blacklisted by Spews

Jason Hunt leth at
Wed Sep 4 21:51:35 EDT 2002

On Wed, 4 Sep 2002, Jill Kulpinski wrote:

> Hello Hansel and all,
> Thanks for your comment and just to clarify, I am not speaking with
> regards to Exodus or any specific ISP.  This is a general question that
> I wanted to raise to the community for feedback.
> It is interesting because a lot of the feedback is saying that the ISP
> would just disconnect the Customer.  What if the Customer was sending a
> lot of mail from an address because they provided newsletter
> distribution services?

I think in that case the list maintainers would (should?) be running their
newletter on an opt-in basis, therefore no one would be complaining and
getting them blacklisted in the first place.

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