Being blacklisted by Spews

Dr. Jeffrey Race jrace at
Wed Sep 4 21:23:09 EDT 2002

On Wed, 4 Sep 2002 14:07:25 -0700, Jill Kulpinski wrote:
>What do other ISPs in the community do if they have Customers who get the 
ISPs address space blacklisted by spews?>Thanks very much,>Jill Kulpinski

Some do nothing.  Those who care kick off the offending customer(s),
make a public confession (IIRC on NANAE), and wait in purgatory.

All this is detailed in the Spews FAQ.  Read it.

If you need more detail, repost your question on Spam-L.  Be sure
to don flame-resistant garb before posting :)

Jeffrey Race

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