Being blacklisted by Spews

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Wed Sep 4 20:21:16 EDT 2002

Hello Hansel and all,
Thanks for your comment and just to clarify, I am not speaking with regards to Exodus or any specific ISP.  This is a general question that I wanted to raise to the community for feedback.
It is interesting because a lot of the feedback is saying that the ISP would just disconnect the Customer.  What if the Customer was sending a lot of mail from an address because they provided newsletter distribution services?   


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Terminate customers who violate our AUP.   We terminate customers on the
first SPAM complaint and have never had any IP address/block ever listed
in SPEWS or any other blacklist.   Once you terminate the Spammers
you'll over time fall off the blacklists. 

Note that Exodus is listed quite frequently in: which is often how folks get into SPEWS.

Would be nice if Exodus started to crack down on spammers.  It is a bad
business practice to host them and ultimately will drive away your
legitimate customers. 

Hansel E. Lee Jr.

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Subject: Being blacklisted by Spews

What do other ISPs in the community do if they have Customers who get
the ISPs address space blacklisted by spews?

Thanks very much,
Jill Kulpinski

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