Being blacklisted by Spews

Adam Rothschild asr at
Wed Sep 4 18:53:24 EDT 2002

On 2002-09-04-17:07:25, Jill Kulpinski <Jill.Kulpinski at> wrote:
> What do other ISPs in the community do if they have Customers who
> get the ISPs address space blacklisted by spews?

Was your customer, indeed, spamming, or were they put there due to
some misguided agenda of the SPEWS maintainers?  In the case of the
former, you terminate their account, and post to NANAE with proof of
such.  The latter's a bit trickier, and may require you not allocate
the IP space to future customers until it's removed from the blackhole

Of course, I can't help but wonder if there's any correlation between
Exodus/C&W employees spamming customers trying to interest them in MLM
scams, and Exodus IP space getting blackholed by SPEWS...


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