Being blacklisted by Spews

Allen Smith easmith at
Wed Sep 4 17:35:02 EDT 2002

On Sep 4,  5:23pm, Jill Kulpinski wrote:
> Hello,
> What do other ISPs in the community do if they have Customers who get the
> ISPs address space blacklisted by spews?

Are you meaning:
	A. You got IP address space that someone else's customers had
	   abused, resulting in a SPEWS listing? In this case, announce this
	   fact loudly but _politely_ on, which
	   the SPEWS maintainers are known to follow - they _will_ remove
	   the IP addresses from the list, unless the ISP acquiring the IPs
	   has been misbehaving; or
	B. Your customers have caused a blacklisting? In this case, dump the
	   customers as publically as possible, announce _why_ this was done
	   (not blaming SPEWS for blacklisting, but blaming the customers
	   for their abuse of said IP addresses), and consider suing said
	   customers for causing you (and your other customers) problems by
	   their misbehavior. Actions other than this are just going to get
	   you blacklisted by more and more people.


P.S. In the first case, the registry making the IP address reassignment
might want to consider using a different set of IP addresses, if possible,
for immediate reassigment, make it known that the old IP address range is no 
longer under the control of the ISP in question, and after this information
has been adequately disseminated _then_ release those IP addresses back into 
the general "pool".

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